Blue Latte Fashion Frenzy!!

Hi guys!! :D
It's been a while since my last challenge. That was because I couldn't find a great idea for a challenge XD

Hm... want to take a guess from the title? Err..., I don't have time to wait XD. So now, it's time for you guys to make a card with the theme: FASHION.

Why do I love fashion? I honestly don't know why I love fashion. A lot of people will say fashion's a way to really express yourself, maybe because somehow deep inside my heart, I like to look good, I like to be different. I see mannequins everywhere I go in the city, and even many country shops have them, I love staring at them <3

As I said before, make a fashionable e-card with fashionable mannequins on them. Have a fashion related quote(it can be inspirational, cryptic, funny, etc) or you can even take it from songs. And if you want to make Men's fashion, it would be awesome!! I love Men's Fashion <3

I give you one month to work on your card, follow the rules, and maximum 2 entries per person.


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ShingetsuHime Kaagemusha Miss Lily
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Let Fashion control you ~TokyoHaru
we love Designer ~Ritona
Winter Fashion ~Timcanpy14
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