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April 3rd: and it's done. Congratulations to the winners!! I don't know how many times you guys hear this but they were super difficult to pick. I didn't expect to get so many entries >_< Thank you thank you!
Winners, PM me for your prizes :3

See you again in my next challenge ^______________^

Hi everybody!
Welcome to my very first challenge.

So turns out valentine's day leave me a sort sour taste in my mouth (nothing really happened, so don't ask/worry, it's about the day itself I guess) so I'm kinda tired of romantic and cutesy cards.

I want badassery!!! (is that even a word?) mrawr!. Guys in suits, girls with weapons and kick ass stuff is all what I want to see. If you want to do a sort of tough love, that's fine too! Like Gaga's song, when it's love if its not rough it isn't fun

HALT! Before you start looking up for images, I want to make clear that please keep the gore out. Some blood yeah, that's fine, but try not to show hanging limbs or things like that hahaha. The important thing is to keep it classy.

Examples of what not to do:

Oh yeah, you don't get extra brownie points for using series of my liking :P which means you can use any series of your liking. Though you will get brownie points if you show me a kick ass use of typography. Text is serious business for me. : D

You get one month to work!
Prizes, er so, I just got back to uni, so I can't promise fab prizes. The winners can either get: (which means there's no 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!)
-A card request
-5 icons requests (hell yeah, I make icons too)



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ALIVE ~Blue Latte
Destruction is... ~ShiningHime
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