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Hello, everyone! I'm happy to say that due to my promotion, I can now create challenges! So, for my first challenge, I want to do something simple but fun. Just make a card that will make me laugh.

1. Keep it PG13 or lower. (I'm sure you all know this, but I'm just reinforcing that we don't need to be scarred)
2. No yaoi/yuri.
3. NO stealing. Duh.
4. You don't have to make the card of a particular anime/manga that I like. But, obviously, if the card only makes sense/is funny if I am familiar with a certain series, you may want to check with me and find out if I've seen it. (make sense?)
5. Be creative, have fun, and make yourself laugh, too XD

I will give you guys one month. If that seems a bit short, let me know and I will make the next challenge last longer.

First place: Two gifts, a sub, and a card
Second place: A gift, a sub, and a card
Third place: A gift and a sub

If you have any questions just ask!
I hope you enjoy this challenge! And remember: HAVE FUN!
**NOTE: unlimited entries.


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