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Short, sweet, and to the point.

Have you had someone really special and close to you? Friends, family, boyfriends/girlfriends?

I want you to make them an ecard. A very nice ecard. One that shows how much you care for them, that'll make them smile, and one that they can clearly see that you put a lot of time and effort into it.


1. Absolutely no plagiarism (no zerochan, no pixiv, no google, ect, use stuff like minitokyo) automatic disqualification
2. If you use pictures off the internet, you must link it so I can go to the website, and to give credit to the creator, if you don't, automatic disqualification (includes fonts and brushes). Don't link to minitokyo, link to page you got the scan off of
3. Dedication is to the person you made it for c:
4. No nudity, or anything like that, or automatic disqualification
5. Tell us what makes the person who gets the dedication special! c:
6. One card per user, make it count! If you can make cards for multiple people, but not multiple cards to one person, make it count! Put some heart and soul into it!!!!!!!!
7. Put 'Tokubetsu' (the japanese word for special) into your tags. I want to make sure you read the rules, if you don't, automatic disqualification
8. THERE WILL BE NO LYRICS USED and THERE WILL BE NO QUOTES FROM THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want this to be from you and from your heart. You have to come up with what to put on the ecard. (if my mom can come up with words 'ecard', then you all can.)


These are things I'll be judging:

How well you followed the rules
The ecard itself
How hard I think you worked on it

Shiny medals, gifts, and smiles of those you care for c:

Brighten up someones day! Make them feel included :3
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