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So it seems the "fad" right now is making cards in another language. That's all fine and dandy but the language only says so much about a culture. What really makes a culture unique? What makes a country stand out? Is it the beautiful tulips that grow in Holland or the vast array of sea life in japan. There are many aspects that define a culture and make it unique.

That's what I want this challenge to be about. I want everyone who participates to pick a country, and make a card about something that makes that country special or unique. For example if you picked Egypt you might want to find an image with the desert or pyramids in it.

Now comes the fun part. There are so many countries yet people tend to focus on the main big ones, The USA, England, China, Russia...etc. Once a country is chosen by someone in this challenge NOBODY ELSE CAN DO IT! I will be keeping track of what countries are taken and post it in world which can be found Right Here

If you already know what country you want to do let me know and I will add it to the taken list!

1. Obey the websites rules. No Fan-art
2. Each country can only be used ONCE
3. Unlimited submissions. There are a lot of countries out there!
4. I want a reason WHY you chose this country and it can't be "Japan is awesome cause it has anime". I want a legitimate reason why you picked this country. It's heritage, it's landscape...something please.
5. If a country is used more then once I will delete the submission.
6. Please keep updated on what countries are being used.
7. Anime, Cartoon, and Real images permitted.
8. Have fun :)
9. Two Months!

First: 3 cards + drawing + gift + icon
Second: 2 cards + gift + icon
Third: 1 card + gift + icon

Special Mentions: Icon requests

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