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Well I haven't made a challenge in a long time, and I still have prizes to make ;_; *cries* But I wanted to get back on my feet and stop being so lazy. So I'm doing another challenge and getting back into the game.

Anyways. as this challenge says. I want you to take a scene from a LIVE ACTION movie. And make a nice pretty ecard with it. Maybe write in your description why that movie touch you the way it did. Two Months.

Rules~ Mwahahha

  • Must be a live action movie
  • Use quotes from the movie, not just random ones.
  • As always, have a link of the image
  • PLEASE make the ecard look nice, I know some of you are not the greatest at making them, but make it have meaning and so originality.
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What Dreams May Come ~BabyD
don't ask her... ~
The Friendship ~Natsakura
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