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Congratulations to those winners who won my previous challenge entitled Pastries


Inspired by josephine12cute's conffesions challenge.

A pleasant afternoon/ evening to all... *smiles*


In this challenge I would like you guys to make a simple message for your friends, families,yourself, love ones or enemies... How?

You will be writing a short message which states what you feel right now about your friends, families, enemies, yourself, etc... This message could be a promise, message of loneliness, anger, felicity/ happiness, prayer/ wish, forgiveness, or many more. Well, it depends on what kind of message you want to put on your card.

It depends on you if you want to use any lyrics of a song you desire...

x, x, x,x, many more...

- All pictures must be edited (don't just slap those words on the image)
- No Fan Arts
- Put all the credits in your description (so is the quote if it's yours or not)
- Please put your usernames anywhere in the card
- Please tell me/ us why did you chose to make a message like that...
- There must be a message from the image up to the quote
- Unlimited entries

I will only be giving two months... I hope you'll enjoy *smiles*
*Feel free to PM me if you have any questions*

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who I am. ~Angel Zakuro
Never Give up. ~BabyD
I'm here ~shine moonlight
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