Bleachic |:|Surprise Me|:|

Ciao, amici mia!!! How have you guys been? Good I hope!!! I'm in a random, yet excellent, mood right now!!! So...YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

...I mean...

Ahem...I'm going to keep this description short. What I want from you all is to...SURPRISE ME!!! Surprise me with your creativity; LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Basically you're free to submit anything you wish. There is no category limit and no entry limit. I'll give you two months; that should be more than enough time, si?! Now, I want some entries, so get started!!!

Don't forget to credit all sources, amici! Also sign your work!! *Thinks of anything else to say* OH! You don't have to dedicate it to me, but it would be nice to see a dedication there to a special friend!

I'll also do prizes.

  • First Place: A gift, wallpaper of choice, and an eCard of choice
  • Second Place: A gift, and two eCards of choice
  • Third Place: A gift, and an eCard of choice

And everyone gets:


Okay...that's all for now!!!

I hope everyone who enters has fun, because fun is important XD, and I wish them a TON OF LUCK!!! ~X<3

With Love:


|:|Challenge Update|:|

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in my challenge. I wish I would have seen more entries, but...oh well. *chuckles*

I loved all the entries and it was quite difficult to pick the three I loved the most. So what I did was looked at the voters who faved the submissions and determined from that who would get first, second, and third.

The winners include:

Your prizes are mentioned above. PM what your prize requests are, okay?

Grazie, amici!


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