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Hello everyone. I haven't done a challenge in a while and felt that perhaps it's time to do another one. the challenge at hand. Music is what makes me feel amazing when I feel like sh*t. It's always there to bring me out of whatever funk I may be in and I spend most of my time on my computer discovering or downloading it. There is a glob of unsorted music in my media folder that I never seem to remember to organize, but...I LOVE IT!!! <333333

Anywho, what I want you to do is create a masterpiece from a song that you have in your music files. In your description I would like:

  • A link to the artist and the music video. (Example: Of Monsters and Men- Little Talks)

    NOTE: If the band doesn't or you can't seem to find their webpage then link the band name to their wikipage. If there isn't an official video to the song a lyric video will work as well. :)

  • To know what it was about the band that drew you to them and why you chose the song for your submission piece.
  • And lastly...a random image with balloons, penguins, or both. Why you ask? Because I want you to. ~u~<3

Now that that's taken care of how about some rules, ehhhhh? -0u0-

  • Please provide me with the above instructions. It'd be very much appreciated.
  • Make sure you link me all scans, textures, stocks, etc.
  • Keep any sexual content PG13-ish.
  • Don't forget to follow the rules at Otaku as well, AND...
  • HAVE FUN!!! That's the most important rule to follow...I don't want you to be doing this just to do it, I want you to submit a work you enjoyed creating! <333

Now with all of that said and done, I'm going to inform you that you have a three month duration for this challenge. That's enough time, right???!!! So...GO GET STARTED!!! *Shoos*

I can't wait to see what you guys create!!! OuO<3


Bye-bye for now~



If you have any questions about anything, please do not hesitate in messaging me or leaving a comment. Also I just invited random people. You don't have to participate if you don't wish to. :)

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