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Hello again ^u^. I would like to thank the winners of my last challenge 1st, 2nd and 3rd. though it was a difficult decision they were all so good. Thank you for entering in my challenge ^u^.

Ok, so i have been rereading manga. lots of vampires and my inspiration has been everywhere. i have drawn so many sketches im running out of writing implements. Though fun and full of new plot, this has no effect on my song writing brain block. what i would like is for you to make Vampire+Music e-cards that seem like such vampire would sing your chosen song.
What you have to do:
1. Choose your vampire (OCs are welcome).
2. choose your song.
3. ether place full lyrics in the description or a link for me to hear it.
4. tell me why these lyrics fit this vampire.

1. no more than 3 entries per person.
2. please no salty outfits(if you didn't know that means racy).
3. have fun.

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