kitabug69 Epic Derp Face

It has been awhile since I made a challenge of any kind and when watching a certain anime I came across A LOT of Derp faces in it SO here is a goofy and crazy challenge for you all.

I had to make this a personal challenge. Why? Because they don't have an 'ALL THE ABOVE' category... lol.

Anyway, this challenge is simple enough. Make me an ECard with an Epic Derp Face. I don't care what anime it is from. Just make it EPIC.

Give me a funny line to go with it to. I want to laugh...

The rules are simple:

  • Follow the rules of TheO.
  • It has to be an EPIC Derp Face.
  • Make me Laugh.
  • Be creative.
  • Up to three entries per artist.
  • Have fun!


  • First Place: A vectored Image of your choice for you to make a wallie.
  • Second Place: A wallies of your choice.
  • Third Place: An Ecard

All participants will get a gift from me and a shiny metal from TheO *smiles*

Have fun and I hope to see LOTS of participants *smiles*


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