Excel in Cipherland eCard contest!

WhooooooOOOO!!! Feels good to be back! And just in time to start celebrating the fifth Excel in Cipherland anniversary with a contest!

This time instead of the usual drawing contest I decided to spice things up with an ecard contest. Here's how it's gonna go:

Alternative #1(preferred): Draw anything Excel in Cipherland (scene/character/characters) in 350x350 so it'll be ecard size and write anything, for example a matching quote or a quote from the comic itself

Alternative #2: Crop an image from the comic, edit it somehow, make it 350x350 write something on it like I mentioned in alternative#1!

What do you think?! Get super creative guys!!! I wanna see a ton of entries!! Wee so happy!

Rules are the same as always, I'll go c/p them from an old contest XDDD
1. No yuri/yaoi
2. No nudity
3. Feel free to assign the characters whatever clothes and colors you want, as for skin and hair color and eye color you should stick to the original so we can recognize them, that's if you wanna do a color version but you can do black and white as well.
4. Enter as many times as you want!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Here's some reference:

EIC Vol 2

EIC Vol 1

EIC Activity Book

EIC 2014 Calendar

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