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I have found that when a song gets stuck in your head it is usually just a few lines that really, really stick. So this is where our challenge picks up. Here is the idea: pick a favorite song of yours and capture its essence in a card. Use imagery and lyrics from the song to make a card that conveys its feelings to the viewers. I know that similar challenges have been done like this, in fact I have participated in a few, but like The Personal Touch I really want to bring back quality and feeling into the Otaku world through something that everyone loves: music. There are no official rules except use a song that is special to you and make a card that will be special to anyone who sees it, whether they have heard the song or not. You may use any image and enter as many times as you would like. Good luck to everyone, I look forward to it!

}i{ Kisa
P.S. If you would like to link your
song in the description box that is
more than welcome, I would love to
hear them. ^-^

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Congratulations to all the winners, you have very beautiful work indeed and great job to all, I really enjoyed looking at your cards. Good luck in later challenges and submissions, and I hope you have wonderful day!
}i{ Kisa

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The Way That a Father ~Ritona
Always Love U ~Blue Latte
even if it leads {n o w h e r e} ~bellpickle
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