greenLeAfe Zodiac Time^_~

Hi there otakuite!!!

Im Gem and this is my 2nd contest^^

ok so lets get down to business!

Its gointa b the chinese new year lik rlly soon rite? (or did it pass 0.o) stupid me...-_-'


Simply make me an eCard using the Zodiac animal for this year( the Tiger) or an eCard using the chinese zodiac animals with this years date (hopefully u know the year XD)

so yea! Rule time!


  • Swearing isn't even necessary in this contest so just dont XD
  • Must include the Tiger and other zodiac animals are optional.(yes Kisa Sohma counts)
  • Extra points for Fruits Basket zodiac animals XD (or people o guess XD)
  • If I find you bashing or insulting or whatever another contestant's entry then I will disqualify you.
  • Don't simply take a picture and enter defeats the point of an ecard.
  • Please include your sources!
  • No more than 2 cards please! (anymore after ur first 2 will be automatically disqulified)
  • Have fun witht this^_~


I will be judging cards based on content (tigers and Fruits Basket animals/people and etc...), design (is it put together well and over-all a great card?), and clairty (if the picture is really fuzzy it won't get a good score...).

Oh yes and please dedicate it to me so I know when you have entered (i can b a bit oblivious^^')

Thank you! and Enjoy!

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Year of the Tiger ~ShingetsuHime
Xin Nian Kuai Le ~ChiruPon
Food love ~Abyuka
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