KrondorianV Your Life's Quote In A Card

This is my first challenge!!! ^^

I was thinking about making one for a long time now and the idea just popped to my head a few minutes ago!

>So just like the title says make me a card about your life's quote. You can put the quote in the card or just on the description.
>The quote can be from anything, a song, a poem, a book, someone famous, or completely yours. Just tell me where you got it from and explain why it is your life's quote.
>If you need some help here's two of my favourite quote sites: 1, 2
>Please put the links to the original images, textures, brashes etc.
>Up to two entries per person.

Here's an example:[X]

I think that's with the rules...Now with the prizes.

First Winner: One card and one wallpaper
Second Winner: One wallpaper
Third Winner: One card

Everyone who submits will get a gift!!!

I hope you all enjoy the challenge!

P.S. For any questions PM.

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