Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) If you live to 100...

If you live to 100...

Wahhhhhh. ~__~ I actually spent a whole heck of a lot of time on this ridiculous as it may sound! It's mainly because it was hard to find a good image of Winnie the Pooh (classic version)...with good quality and all. I used this one and actually extracted Pooh, the tree, and Piglet...instead of just overlaying stuff on the pic already. :/ So I made the background and added effects, like the shadow, glow, and textures. Goodness, this took a long time...

I wanted to make a card with this quote from Winnie the Pooh cause it's so freaking sweet. ;__; So yeah. Took a while to make the text fit right, too. I'm sorry that this sucks...

I love Winnie the Pooh though. And I know Meg does, too, so it's dedicated to her. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. :3

THIS CARD SUCKS. DX So I'm sorry again! It's not my usual kind of card~ Crappy crappy.

edit: I got rid of the shadows.

Winnie the Pooh eCards
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