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After 2 weeks I finally submit another card. ^^; Sorry, I got carried away w/ other things and school keeps me really busy. -__- I barely have any time for peace sometimes.

Ano....I think the card came out a little depressing...opps. [We need a sweatdrop emoticon *nods*] Hope that someone still likes it. ^^

The girl on there is Hatsune Miku, one of my many obsessions. XD She is a Vocaloid- a computer program developed in Japan that can sing any song that is inputted. It's really cool. She is so adorable. First virtual celebrity and the first in the series.
Video of her.
Might submit more of the other Vocaloids too.

Dedicated to innocent heart. ^^ I hope that you can see it one day. You must be so busy w/ school work and stuff. Hope everything goes well. I'm sure we won't forget you on here.

I forgot where I got the texture....-__-

Also thank you for keeping me #2 on the chart for 3 months. *glomps* Thank you!!!!!

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forget, forgotten, hatsune miku, lonely, miku hatsune, remember, vocaloid, winter
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