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I can't help but laugh at all the Ouran advertising on here. XD makes me laugh. *sigh* I'm not buying it. What do they think? That I'm some obsessive fan that will buy anything w/ Ouran's name on it? lmao Did I just describe a lot of you right now? >.<

Well it's announcement time. Ready? Ok...This will be my LAST e-card for a long time. To be honest I have no idea when the next one will be added. It could be a month from now, a year, 2 years...never. >___> I have lost a lot of interest in these things besides my cards aren't that loved anymore. [Also there are more than enough good e-carders out there] Also my interest in anime is growing less and less each week [especially in Ouran. Hate the latest chapters.] so yeah....I find no reason in continuing. =/ Gomen. I'll post more as soon as I get inspiration or something. Idk...whatever made me make so many cards. XP

YES!!! TAMAKI IS A HORRIBLE FRIEND!!! [Well he might be a good one but...I'm still anti TamaxHaru. Hate that pairing]

Btw, before I get asked, I am NOT leaving myO/theO. [myO is still my #1 love XP ] I'll just be wallpapering and commenting more than e-carding.

*hugs* Thanks for it all!!!!

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