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McCain 2008

Ok I expect flames, I did this because I saw an Obama one on the site and it bother me because of the phrase "FTW," I am not sure what that means but from some of my friends who are of different race say it means "F*** The Whites" which is very rude and very offensive. I have been called names because of my political views but you know its funny how stupid these people are when they are trying to put down your views. Especially, when they are calling your dirty names and spelling them wrong. (But I just found out that FTW = For the Win lol okay well McCain FTW!

Now I have my right to freedom of speech. I am not in support of Obama because I don't agree with some of his views, it is NOT because he is black. People are complaining that this is a race issue but I do not see that as so. Many fellow Republicans are upset that if he does become the next president of the United States, why shouldn't he salute the flag or do his pledge to the flag? This is not right, a president of the United States should do that for our country. If not, to me that is just disrepectful.

Well either way, I respect others views and hope that this card will not have to much of a fight along with it. So here we go, 2 more weeks baby!

"Country Reform: Reform ~ Prosperty ~ Peace .... Change We Can Count On" - John McCain / Sarah Palin 2008

Whoot I tottally agree with that phrase! :D

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