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Best Friends :)

Best Friends
As Close As Sisters :)


I dunno if you can read what it says on the card...([[read above peeps and you'll find out what it says!!]])

Shiki and Eri are close friends. Eri is the one with the pink hair and hat. Shiki is the one with the short brown hair and glasses (and the stuff cat, Mr. Mew). NO!, SHIKI IS NOT THE ONE WITH THE HAT AND PINK HAIR!!!!!!! For those of you who have actually gotten past the part on the game where Shiki is your partner (or up to some certain day, like Day 5 or sumthing), you will learn/know that Shiki said she didn't like herself and that she envied Eri, thus she looks like Eri in the UG. So yes, Shiki is really the girl with short brown hair and glasses.

And I conclude by saying I'm on Day 5 or some day around that and my partner is Beat. ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO GET THE DAMN KEY OUT OF THE DAMN BOX SO I CAN'T GET OUTTA THE MIYASHITA UNDERPASS!?!?!?!?!?! .....your help would be much appreciated.

Oh, and I don't like that now you have to have a certain requirement in order to make an eCard. That bugs the heck outta me cuz look what it did to this card >.<

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