Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) Living w/ yourself.

Living w/ yourself.

Woo...yeah...sorry, Anya. This seems like a really DEPRESSING card for a birthday card. *laugh* That's why it technically isn't a birthday card. It's a GIFT for your b-day that happens to be a card. ^_^; It's just really dark~ But I thought it would match Dr.Tenma, who I know you LOVE. <333

Seeing as you wub your Tenma dear, I looked for some pics of him. It's hard to find nice scans of him, so I went on photobucket, and got this sexy fanart of him. I extracted him from the white background (getting around his hair was difficult!), and then I wanted a bg for him. I searched for Monster pics on google, and got a screenshot from one of the episodes of one of the German towns and used that. :3 Here that is. I added textures and gradients, faintly erased some of Tenma away to blend him in...then added the text. ^^; Which may suck, and may seem depressing, but whatever. XD

I basically treated this card like a wallpaper. ^_^ I hope you like it, Anya! *hugs* Happy belated b-day!! And happy new years, too!! <33

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brown, dr.tenma, guilt, monster, tenma, texture
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