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My Beloved...

"My Beloved, when you dream, what do you dream about?"
I think I got a part of this quote from an English textbook, there was a weird song in there about a man wondering about his son's dreams and how he sees the world. We never got to listen to the song, but the lyrics were kind of strange >_>

Anyway, I liked this line and I thought it would work great for the two. The girl (right) is called Rose, and the boy (left) is her little brother, Pinion. Now for some back story (not huge spoilers, but spoilers nonetheless ^_^"). She is a cat +anima (grows cat claws and eyes when she wants to, mostly when in danger), and Pinion has a very good memory and can remember a lot of details, even though he's too young to understand them. Because of this power, some scientists kidnap him and try to use his abilities for military purposes, but Rose manages to rescue him at the end of the chapter this image is from ^_^.

I used this page to create this card; I colored it with Photoshop and added a lot of textures and effects to make it look pretty and dreamy, without exaggerating Some more details below:
Colored manga page (original dimensions): click here
Layers/.PSD file size (finished version): 43 / 16.7 MB
Texture credits: Pendle stock, Resurgere, InTheName stock, Sacralia
Brushes (C) respective owners, I forgot where I got them from D:

Hope you like my work, and thank you in advance for the support Have a great day~

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