howayoru (eCard Portfolio) A Not So Nice Way To Talk

A Not So Nice Way To Talk

Puppet-san must not get me wrong so I'll explain.

okay, maybe some of you would say that asking someone to get well soon in that way would just give more problems to that person. but for an ecard, wouldn't it make you smile when you receive something like this? yeah, the person may look like angry but doesn't that mean that he/she is just worried about you? wouldn't it receiving it this way would be sweet? (yeah, right).

but I guess having a different point of view would be nice too. we have our own way of thinking anyway.. ^^

So much for that..

I would just like to tell puppet-san to get well soon.
oh, you still don't know me, right?
I'm yoru, Pleased to meet you *bows* ^^
I hope we get along well..
oh, and please don't misunderstood, I just want it to look sweeter since we still don't know each other so I decided to make it like that..

ooops~! STOP!.. I'm talking continuously again, nyahahaha~! I must be annoying now, hehe.. I must end it here.

thanks for all the hugs and faves.. you are very well appreciated.

have a wonderful night..


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