innocent heart (eCard Portfolio) My Rain equals My Rainbow.

My Rain equals My Rainbow.

"If you want to see a rainbow, you first have to face the rain"

Saw this quote on church board I was passing the other day in the car. Thought it was very sweet and true. In the bad times, don't think that it will always stay like that, because it will not. You will see a rainbow someday. Just remember to keep strong and know you are not ever alone in the bad times. Just keep looking forward to the day when you will see your rainbow. :)

I have spent over an hour on this card, so I feel sort of proud of it but also kind of eh about it. I decided to join Angel Zakuro's challenge as well when I saw that it was indeed an image with a sky and also the quote fit nicely with something for inspirational^^ I wasn't intending to join the contest in the first place, just wanted to make an inspirational card and then remember Kelsey's challenge and was like OH! xD There are so many wonderful cards in this challenge. But yeah, want to support my twin in her challenge. :D

Anyway, this image is based of the Vocaloid song called, "World's End Umbrella" and the artist is "Yuu (GARNet)" on pixiv. Here is a link to the image: clicky! As you can see, I used a lot of textures and brushes on this one^^; I will list them at the bottom. If you want to listen to this Vocaloid song, here is the link down below. It's sung by Miku Hatsune.:

World's End Umbrella Video

The textures I used are all from Deviant; from DeadlyDoll, raregirl86, Rosecloud, and Thankstothebrains. If you want the links to their sites, please just tell me^^ Also the brushes, not really sure where I got them from since I have had them downloaded on GIMP since forever, so yeah, sorry^^;

Anyway, this is dedicated to my dear friend, Samantha. :3 It's great to see you back again my friend! It's been too, too long. And of course I would remember you still silly! XD *hugs* This card is for you since I know you have been through some down times before and also to welcome you back^^ *hugs*

Thank you for viewing my card, commenting, hugging, etc. :) Have a wonderful day!

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