Pantalaimon1467 (eCard Portfolio) Farewell, my past

Farewell, my past

What to speak, where to fare?
The world has changed
since my eyes last gave it a glimps.
All my known have fared off.
to where, I do not know.
My friends, my past,
where have thou fled?
Do thou want me to chase thy,
Till the end of my time?
I'd prefer my place
being safe, inside my own being,
The only place I still recognize.

This is my entry for the 'Art shows our emotions' challenge. This poem is about what I think of the world, or at least, my world as things look to me the way they are as I notice... It's a loooooong story to explain where this all comes from, so I'll just keep it to the poem ^^; I hope it doesn't give you all a wrong idea about me, but I hope it does make you think, 'cause that's what it should do ^^;

I found the picture quite some time ago, so I can't remember where I found it ^^; Dedicated to Cococomy, for being the creator of the challenge!

I hope you all like it! ^^ Comments, hugs and faves are always appreciated! ^^


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Art shows our Emotions

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