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Around You

In my dreams you appear,
Never ceasing to exist;
No matter where you are,
No matter what I wish.

A shadow in the sun,
Rain on a joyous day,
You're always there, although
I wish you would go away.

Unexpectedly, I smile,
I long for your wayward glance;
even tough you cause me pain,
I'm always in a trance...

~Around You~

Background made in GIMP, font from Photoshop (i couldnt finish it at home with GIMP cuz i had to leave for school, so I finished it up at school and they only have photoshop)

I always dream about my ex boyfriend, and he never leaves my subconcious. So that' what this card is about. It's about how he's always there in my mind, no matter where he is and what I want; which is for him to be gone out of my head >.<

Then the whole shadow and rain thing, it's saying how he brings secret sorrow and stuff to me whenever a dream stars him in it.

The last part talks about how in my dream, I smile at him, and wait longingly for him to look at me, for just an instant. To notice me even though he's in the arms of someone else and smile just at me. Then there's the whole pain thing again, how no matter how much I want him, my want causes me pain.

The trance part is about how when I look at him, like in his eyes, I become kind of like I am in a spell or trance. It's hard to look away from his eyes. They're the first thing I noticed about him, and the last thing I can forget...

And so the girl = me. The guy (which is Dark from DN Angel) = him. I hope you can see the whole thing of me dreaming of him (he's kinda transparent in the left corner.

Images from

Poem from my brain XD

hope you like it

It's for Angel Zakuro's challenge: in.your.dreams

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