Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) M is for mom.

M is for mom.

This took a long time. ;__; I wasn't going to even MAKE a mother's day card, but that would be blasphemy!! I was actually working on a sexy BL card (which I will submit tonight hopefully, too!), but then I thought, "what kind of daughter would I be, making a smexful BL card and NOT a mother's day one?" XD So yeah! I had this Someday's Dreamers scan in my folder FOREVER. I finally found a use for it! Although they're not sisters and there isn't a mom in the scan, I still fit.

The whole..."M is for..." thing I don't know why I thought of doing it. It ended up being really hard to do! I'm so picky with typography nowadays, so I'm not incredibly happy with it. PS was being retarded though, making the text HUGE when it was only 6 pt. So I got annoyed with that. And then the colors...ehhh...yeah. XD But it's the thought that counts, right??? :)

So I dedicate this to all moms out there, especially mine. I love her to pieces; I don't know what I'd do without her. I know that there are several of you out there that don't "like" your moms or maybe don't have one around...but nonetheless, keep them in your minds and thank them for giving you life at least.


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