Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) my sweetest downfall.

my sweetest downfall.

Hey guys. Wow, a late card. XD I never submit things past midnight...usually just my posts, but since I posted earlier, I figured I'd make a card now anyway. :/ I was in a terrible mood today, down and just not feeling like doing anything, but then I decided to take out the feelings on a card! Although the words have nothing to do with how I'm feeling. XD Well, you know what I mean.

Found this shot of Fang from FFXIII. <3 She's so perdy. So sexy, hehe! XD I'm using an avi of her currently. Anyhoo, that was a really clean screenshot so I decided to use it. :) I mostly used different blending effects for this one...and some textures, but not a lot. Then I downloaded some new fonts finally from! Fun stuff. The quote is from Regina Spektor's song "Samson." <33 I love that song. [I was going to link to it on youtube, but my internet keeps crashing when I go on]

Dedicated to Jean because she was considering cosplaying as her since her hair can look really similar to hers! ^^ But yeah. Enjoy! (sorry again for the odd submission time, although it won't matter if you don't see it for days anyway lol!)

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