innocent heart (eCard Portfolio) Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Goodness, I have been on a card craze! Sorry for all the cards, but thank you to those who keep commenting or hugging them^^; So thank you for the support! :D And yes, something else Winnie The Pooh! Yay! XD

First off, this is dedicated to, Furry-Chibi, and ArcticFoxDemon because they have finally come back home to theOtaku^^ I was wondering where you three had wondered off to, so it's great to see you all back on here again! Ellen I look forward to seeing some new artwork and wallpapers from you^^ You have such a unique style and your dragon drawings are the best, so you make sure to upload! XD Chibi-san, I love your silliness and your amazing taste in music. ;D Super Junior FOREVER! And of course Fox-chan, you were gone the longest and oh my goodness gracious, to see you come back on here made my whole face light up with the biggest smile! It had been WAY TOO LONG. :) You're one of the sweetest people on here and I love ya, so don't disappear like that again without telling us! XD *hugs* I love all three of you and again, welcome back^^ *hugs*

Anyway, I found this render on Renders.Graphiques, which can be found here. Christopher Robin and Pooh's friendship is one of the most touching friendships in the World Of Friends, so I thought this was perfect to create a welcome-back card with, since I wanted to do so in the beginning! XD Then I added 4 textures, three of them from JRMB-STOCK and hauntingyouwithstock on Deviantart. If you want to know the exact ones I used, just ask(although I can be forgetful about showing you. XD). I made sure to make the render brighter than it already was because I wanted to create that cheerful feel, so I made sure to choose all light textures^^ Then I added the heart brushes which can be seen in the background. Added a gardient and then added the text, and yay, here it is! It looks a bit simple, but I did work hard on this and I put my heart into it, so I do believe it turned out pretty good^^;; I hope.

Take care everyone. Thank you again for all the support! ^_^

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