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GUYYYYYYYS, I haven't made a card in a while. I've been uninspired & unmotivated but today after I got back from my friend's house, I all of a sudden thought... I wanna make a card. xD Angel Zakuro commented me while I was making it & also, I've never dedicated something to her although we've been friends for quite a long time... [we're even FB friends, haha] so Kelsey, this is for you. :D So, I made one within 30-45 minutes. :3 Ready to hear meh explain how I made it? Okay, I'm gonna do it anyways.

I first sized down the scan I found to the e-card size, duplicated it, and used Gaussian blur on 20px. Then for the layer style, I used Color Burn. [woot! one of my favorite styles] It looked pretty schnazzay afterwards. Smacked on some brushes & okay, here was the tricky part. I kinda made my own brush for those white & red platforms behind the text... then put text & a border around it. DONE! :D I love Luffy & One Piece. <3 Chibi Luffy is the best. ^_^ *dances for being inspired* The quote I used is [& it fits Luffy so well!]:

Optimist. Person who travels on nothing from nowhere to happiness.

Last thaang, I got the scan from [click here]. Also, I like to put the [.PNG Version] of my cards cuz sometimes, my e-cards look so crappy in the .jpg form though in the .png form it's in top quality. -__- *sighs*

NAO, hugs, favorites, & comment away! Always criticize if you see a problem. :3

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