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a little bit

Haaaaaaaa.............. another Saiyuki card....
(what the f*ck! who cares? i love kazuya minekura's artwork)

Alright, its Goku and Pippi (she doesn't actually have a name in the manga, but Saiyuki fans call her that since she resembles Pippi Longstocking) from the Saiyuki Reload manga. Most fans say that they had a romantic relationship, but I don't see it that way (because that's how I interpreted the scenes of these two fellas). Despite they're not a romantic couple, their "kissing scene" in the manga became very controversial and Minekura herself said that she had been scolded by the fans (most especially Goku's fan girls).

I'm not into Pippi (I love you Goku ♥) but I see her as a good character. And this simple pic of them is kinda touching. Pippi's already dead in the manga and somehow I still wanted to see what Goku and Pippi will develop into. Their relationship is not romantic but I observe them that they are comfortable with each other. So I guess both felt the "first love" but I'll use the term "crush" instead. Read the Saiyuki Reload manga to know why.

The phrase shown is from the song "A Little Bit" by M.Y.M.P. I find the song very cute and I think it fits the thin "crush" line that connects Goku and Pippi. Its a card version of this one.

I dedicate this to blazefan22. Hope you like it.
Hope you all like it.

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