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Live in Peace

11:38 PM. 11:38 PM. 11:38 PM. On a school night. *groans*


T'was the night before anouther boring day of school...
This is my first eCard in a long time! AND FIRST USING PHOTOSHOP AND SOMEWHAT SUCCEEDING. Instant subject change: I've been obsessing over D.Gray-man because I claimed it to be my most favorite anime and manga ever. That's waaaaay out of date. Now I'm addicted to Katekyo Hitman Reborn. 1000000 TIMES BETTER THAN ANY ANIME OR MANGA OUT THERE! I SWEAR! It's amazing. AAAMAAAZZZIINNG. I'll type an entry about how amazing it is in my journal, Kami's Corner tomorrow. Or maybe not even tomorrow. I'm such a procrastinator these days. I promised I'd continued my journal during summer and I gave 0% in doing so. I'm finally in high school and I currently realised I'm the worst type of person. I'm unreliable, lie, and don't keep promises.
ANYHOO. Now that I'm in high school, I go to this school that has "tech areas". My tech area is 'Printing and Graphic Communications' and we are learning how to use Photoshop! (Did I mention I made this card using Photoshop? Probably did.) And I finally understand the importance of layers. YEEAAH. This caption is way too long for a card. Plus, I'm half asleep right now and hungry. I'm going to bed. Night otakuites!


BTW, this card was dedicated to Kachikamac. She probably doesn't remember but during her time of need, I was acting like a lazy idiot and didn't bother to go on the computer just to cheer her up. Crap cake. I'm so mean. :P SO SORRRRRRY!! FORGIVE ME!

And no, I cannot sleep yet because I have to give my credits:
Picture from HERE!
Watercolor Text help from HERE!

And finally. Good night...


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