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Shine like the Evenstar

Happy birthday Sayura-chan! *throws confetti*
I hope you're having a wonderful day^^
Obviously, I don't really like to make casual 'Happy birthday' cards, that's why I chose (again lol) to use AragornxArwen to make you something:3 I know you love this couple and I couldn't think of anyone else lolX3 And then I came up with this quote thingy:3 I want you to know that I believe in you and I always will! You are a beautiful, sweet and caring person, always remember that!^^

I got two images from google (actual links to pictures found below, as usual); one of Arwen and Aragorn, the other of the Evenstar pendant:3 I put the AragornxArwen picture in the back and the same one in the front, erased the background of the topmost one and put the Evenstar image on top of the background pic - I hope that made sense, but it probably does when you look at the cardXD Sadly though, the quality of the pictures (especially the Evenstar one) wasn't that good, and it isn't much, but I really hope you like this anyway

Done in: Photoshop 6.0 with pen tablet
Time taken: 1-1.5 hours
Pictures: AragornxArwen and Evenstar pendant
Dedicated to: aragorn1014 (duh lol^^)


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