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Question Everything

Tagging Blue Latte because I fangirled over her E entry for at least 10 minutes o3o You're R!

SakuraDust's card meme is THE SHIT.
Oh, btw, I'm doing Q for Question Everything.

I don't know what I had in mind when I made this. I just went along and added stuff I thought looked good. At first I was "I have no effin' idea what to do with this monochrome rainbow." Yeah, I'm aware of the contradiction. Then I went on to add blood and thought "hey, a Sun would look neat on the opposite side - opposing the blood OMG SYMBOLISM.

Oh, and I vectored the girl. I was originally planning to include her entire bust and head, but then, as I was vectoring, was hit by the idea that it didn't look too bad, cut off like that. It's ARTISTIC. I swear a lot of people make anything and get away with it by saying it's art D: Full vector will be coming up shortly, whenever I stop being lazy and actually get to work.

I'm now aware that the inspiration was propaganda posters, as this card seems to have everything to be one (except those didn't have blood). It was purely unintentional, I can assure you of that, but I can't deny that I think it came out kinda awesome :D No hidden message - at least none that I know of -, though.

Quote by some unknown random person.
Texture: Buzillo Stock
Vector shapes: dunno, but you saved my butt, so thanks, whoever you are :D
Artist: Keiyaku no Kuroneko
Image: click here
Downloaded from the awesome Saikusa Taisen.

P.S. If people want it, I might turn it into a wallpaper as well. Just let me know.

EDIT: I'll now tag Lys because she has to make a card too :D And all her cards are awesome so go check them out now.

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