SaxGirl (eCard Portfolio) Where your treasure is...

Where your treasure is...

I've been planning to make this card for some time - no wait, it was supposed to be a wallie first, but the image was too smallXD So anyways, this is my entry for Kelsey's (Angel Zakuro's) challenge, 'A novel idea.'

Did anyone recognise the quote? That wouldn't surprise me...
First of all, I took the quote from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (It's the quote on the grave of Kendra and Ariana Dumbledore:3) and
Secondly - I recently learned that this is actually a Bible quote! (Matthew 6:21, for those who are interested)
I wanted to use this specific quote because I find it very beautiful and inspiring:3

Now on to some technical stuff - I changed the colour of the original image to a more reddish shade (even though it was purple first! lmao) because I wanted a sort of warm and loving feel:3 Like what I feel whenever I read the phrase:3 Then I added a background (gradient, moon, stars...^^) and did some brushwork on the bottom part. I wanted to use 2 different fonts for the text this time, because I think there are 2 words that must stand out:3

Done in: PS 6.0 (lol, I actually finished this card in the trainXD When I had nothing but my laptop's touchpad!XD)
Time taken: about 3 hours
Original picture: LINK
Dedicated to: Kelsey!^^ For hosting the challenge and for being an amazing person<3


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