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I Want You!

...to send this card to as many people as you can! Fight consumerism!

Dedicated to Kelsey because I'm still working on your proper b-day gift and I feel like a donkey for not giving you anything yet D:

Lol, enough with the manifesto and on with the card. When I saw Kelsey's awesome challenge I knew I had to participate because it's right up my alley. Honestly, how many people nowadays care about the actual meaning of a holiday? Now it's all about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

I never believed in neither and wasn't taught to believe in them. If you want to say you're really celebrating a holiday, look it up properly. Giving someone a chocolate Easter Bunny doesn't cut it because there are no feelings associated with that item. 100,000 people will get the same gift; yours isn't special in any way because you were too lazy to actually think about the person you're giving a gift to and preferred the easy way out.

Made it while listening to this (mind you, I haven't watched the video so I don't know what's in it) - I LOVE OLDSCHOOL STUFF. Used only a default PS brush, with tweaked settings (ain't I awesome?) The font is Copacabana.

I need to start saving up for Christmas gifts D: Consumerism will be the death of me, honestly, I'm broke after every major holiday.

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