Bleachic (eCard Portfolio) *Dance With Me*

*Dance With Me*

Tah-dah!!! My submission for Angel Zakuro's challenge, and I actually made it before it expired! ROTFLMAO!

I got the image from Zerochan. It was originally a wallpaper, but I didn't see the creator's signature anywhere on the production (or I would credit them.) I hope that my card doesn't get deleted due to stealing or plagiarism...or whatever. I just really wanted to use that image, and I didn't see it anywhere else. *>_<*

Well, anyway, I edited the image in Picnik. I played with the text, which was inspired by the title of the challenge. It got quite frustrating, but I managed. While I looked over the bare image, I decided to use the colors in which are used as the character's color scheme (or whatever you wish to call it.) I hope that everyone enjoys my overall production. Especailly Angel since it is her challenge. LOL.

I know there are some who aren't fond or approve of homosexuality, and that's okay. I use to have the same beliefs on it until I got older. Though I am straight I do have a brother and sister who are both gay. I've come to understand that love can be the most beautiful of emotions regardless who it is you share it with. So, in all, I say that love who you wish and mind not what it is that others think of it.

I guess that's it for now. I will try to enter another one soon. Once again, enjoy everyone, and of course all hugs/faves/comments are most dearly appreciated!

Much Love From Your Friend:


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