Bleachic (eCard Portfolio) ~Passion's Forbidden~

~Passion's Forbidden~

Ahh! I actually did it! I managed to enter another production! Can you believe it? I can't!!! Well, anywho, I guess I should explain, eh? LOL. Well, here goes!

First of all may I say that I thought this image of Renji and Shuhei was soooooooo(Extra Emphasis: oooooooooooooo) HAWT!!! I drooled for a lifetime when I ran across the image. Then I just thought, "This is it!" So, yup, I had to use this image. :3

Eh, the image came from Photobucket. I used a sepia and then two-tone to create the colors. The actual production took place on Picnik. I decided to use "Passion" for another card because it just best suits this challenge...I believe. I'm thinking on making these a series...that means one more for this, but I don't know yet.

Well, there's my submission. Of course I'm going to dedicate this to Angel Zakuro. This is a gift to you for participating in my challenge! I hope you, as does everyone else, enjoys this production. Of course all hugs/faves/comments are dearly and most greatly appreciated!

With Much Love and Hugs:


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