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Second: I wasn't quite sure on the limit of submissions for this challenge. Harplayer didn't give no limit...I guess I'm gambling this submission.

Speaking of gambling: I don't know how people will react to this...heck, some may not even know the symbolism of this production...who knows? If you've listened to the song, read the lyrics (translations), studied the actions, and all of that, you'd know what I'm speaking of.

And now speaking of symbolism: I love it. Life itself is quite symbolic if you look at in the right focus. I loved Guren...the meaning...the symbolism. It's sad, sure, but symbolic. From the colors...the painting, to the girl, to the red all of it.

The production: It was all done in Picnik. It took me several hours to figure out how I wanted to work the fonts, and I'm still not sure I fully hammered the nail. I didn't want to add too much color in the entire production, so that it didn't take away from the lotus.

I used the black and white effect, then used the brush to take away the effect behind the lotus, and followed that with the reverse effect causing the lotus to pop. I added a colored border, in which you hardly see, to add a dull color behind the lotus.

The fonts: I used four different fonts provided by the photo-editing site. I used dull colors as to not take away from the main focal point of the overall prodution. I also used different color techniques; such as difference or overlay. I tried my utmost best to give a more colorful font palette this go around...I don't know how I really did on that. *Nervously laughs*

Okay: I babbled far too much on the subject. I hope everyone loves my entry and of course, like always, all support (hugs/faves/comments) are greatly appreciated. I'd like to thank you all, my fellow member and friends, for all of your support thus far. This is dedicated to all of you!!!

Member Dedication: Though I said it's dedicated to all of you, in which it is, I'd like to make a special dedication to my friend Kira. She was one of the first friends I'd made when I began my journey into theO. And though we don't talk as often as we use to (mostly due to her being a very busy girl *smiles*), she is still very dear to me. I want to thank you for your friendship and your support; everything you've ever done for me was very much appreciated.

I'd also like to thank you for the Christmas card you sent as well. It's hard to make me tear up, but you pulled it off. I wanted to do something for you, but never could find the time to do so; Gomen, my friend. Thank you, again, so much for everything! Love you tons and I wish you overall luck, amica. *Sniffles and Huggles!*

I guess it is safe to say that this submission is symbolic in its own way. One being the transfer from double to triple digits. The others...well...once I know how to put them into terms, I will. *Laughs*

Once again, enjoy!

Much Love Forever and Always:


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