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can't ignore you...

so I decided to enter a challenge and this one caught my interest from the first time I saw it, but I didn't thought I would actually make something in time...but I did and I'm glad, so here it is: my 1st entry for the challenge "the forbidden dance" by Angel Zakuro

why 1st? because I have 2 cards for this challenge
first I didn't know what to do, yuri or yaoi, I'm not really a yaoi fan more of a shounen-ai one and found some great images, so I decided, why not both?
here is a very nice pair from Case Closed (Detective Conan), Kaitou Kuroba (Kaitou Kid) and Shinich Kudou (my fav ♥♥♥)
When I first saw it I know it's gonna be my entry for Angel's challenge. I used a text font named "base 02" for their names, it gives the effect of the writing on the brick building walls.

original artwork (c) respective owner
image @ Pixiv (gomen, can't find the link T_T)
wax stain by Yami
texture by aby7777
lyrics from the song "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)" by Alicia Keys

Work dedicated to Angel Z, of course, you make the greatest challenges ever, keep up the good work and never stop girl!
On with the project...this is your very very belated b-day gift, hope you like it, I know you are a yaoi fan, so I thought you might like something like this as a gift for your birthday.
Hugs, favorites and comments all appreciated !

Case Closed eCards
boy x boy, case closed, challenge, dedicationu, detective conan, kaitou kuroba, kaitou the kid, kiss, quote, shinichi kudou, the forbidden dance, yaoi
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the forbidden dance.

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