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Sweet Sentiment

Image: B
Fonts: Barbarello and Penstyle.
Brush: Antique Lace by surfing-ant from DA.

So, this is my entry for Hula-chan's challenge. Sweet Sentiment.
This is the cover for '143', the title of the book, written by our local novelist, namely Fakhrul Anour. According to him, this is his second novel and the cover was done specially by our local mangaka, Kaoru. She is well known for her 'Helios Eclipse' and Kaoru's Cake House mangas. She also released one-shot stories in form of books. And if I'm not mistaken she's working on her latest manga, Maid Maiden.

I saw this scan days ago and it really brings back memories to me. I read this book few years ago, when I was still in high school.
I didn't thought about using the scan for this challenge at the first place, but I thought maybe I should use it and promote our local art. xD

I choose to put 'sweet sentiment' in the card because;
01. It's a love story and so I placed the 'sentiment' word there.
02. It featured cakes from Kaoru's Cake House. *stomach growl* Hey that reminds me, the last time I ate something sweet is last Tuesday. >:O

Working with this image made me felt so nostalgic.
And the small words are;
"143, just another way to say I Love You."
Cause that's what the novel's title meant. 143=I Love You.

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