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Back and forth...

Phew, I was starting to think that my internet is going to die on me before I submit this... I am glad that it hasn't yet. *kicks the old modem for the one hundred time* xD
Anyway, I am so glad that I finally am going to submit this card for this wonderful challenge. (and I suggest that everyone else does who hasn't ^^). I have already made the card before, but I never was sure about it. I have redone it so many times, and at the end... Yup, it looks quite different. But I wanted to make it looks something similar, like an old book with standard writings on it and of blood stains (well because it is an old medieval book. Actually not, but yeah xD). And I used different style, with trying to write less text and making the more room there... I know, a fail. I should have put something more, hmm.

But no more talking, let's say what I chose. This is for the book Hobbit, an prequel and first book of the Lord of the Rings. While LOTR is one of my favorite books, I never read Hobbit, but I have heard so much of it. And this is the sentence "Back and forth..." That starts the book with. I will definitely fulfill it and read it one day.^^
Dedication definitely goes to the most amazing person and the creator of this challenge, Brooke. :D

Textures I used are Misty textures and some spacey ones which I can't remember then name... I have also used Inner Universe blood brushes.^^

~Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Lord of the Rings eCards
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