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Party Starter

And here is your prize for the challenge, Ritona I haven't forgotten, it's just that it's been in the works for ages; I couldn't get the right background + text combination so I kept trying lots of things until I was satisfied with this. I hope you like it ^_^
Warning: the description below lacks coherence because it was written in no particular order. Read at your own risk.

I got the idea for the rays back when I was making this card, but it didn't fit so I saved it for this one. There's lots of gradient abuse on the text and the "shooting star trail", which was a pain to make because the text just didn't want to be visible >_< The text itself was difficult to do, I tried putting it on the "wall" behind Kamina and then mirroring it on the floor but it looked bad. In the end I went with this version, which I like because it's very bling bling <3

The dots were made from a dot pattern I created and applied Polar Coordinates to. Also, return of the Red Flare(TM)! Lastly, I discovered a custom shape for blood and had this rad idea to make kissmarks on him. There's also a hickey on his neck, so it doesn't look like he was wooin' just the ladies, if you get my drift

Scan: by envagyokgamerzxy2. Extracted and 85% repainted.
Inspiration song: Will Smith's Party Starter
Font: Fortuna Dot

That's about it; comments, faves, hugs and/or really bad eggs are welcome and very appreciated :D

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