sweetdevil (eCard Portfolio) All I Ask Of You [revamped]

All I Ask Of You [revamped]

OK, I know Hula likes POTO as well, but I swear I didn't make a POTO card on purpose D: I even forgot who the maker of the challenge was.

Why did I pick this card? I can't even stand to look at it D: It just has n00b written all over it, with the brush whoring and mismatched colors (especially that horrid yellow). The fonts are ugly, the typography is messed up and lighting is completely random. The only thing I can honestly say I like is how I placed my signature >__<

What I think about the revamped edition? Uh...well...I like the colors? I like to think the lighting isn't as bad - mostly due to The Red Light of Doom(TM)! Instead of brush whoring, you get bokeh whoring this time <3 The coloring's also easier to look at, I just can't get over using orange on Darken ever since I discovered it when making icons ^3^ I tried a lot of colors for the text but white was somewhat more fitting because it's so in-your-face and different from the rest of the colors <3

Credits & stuff
Scan Xixiang Ji 8 by Morphee
Fonts: Windsong, Berlin Sans FB
# of layers / PSD file size: 10 / 1.82 MB

As always, comments, faves, hugs and/or flying saucers are welcome and very appreciated <3

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