Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) mother knows best.

mother knows best.

:) Happy Mother's Day!! Haha, what better mom is there than Mother Gothel?? XD Ok, not really. She was terrible. Lol...but at the same time...she still had to take care of Rapunzel all those years. It's not like she abused her. Um, anyhoo, before I get into analyzing Tangled...<3

I used this screenshot. :) Haha. So I just worked with it...really simply...gradients and brushes, overlays of color. I really didn't do a lot. D: And then the text is based off of the movie. Off of Gothel's song "Mother Knows Best" and then also how Rapunzel and her say "I Love you, I love you more, I love you most." Hehe. So yeah. ^^

This is the more glitzy version...I also have a more plain/simple version HERE if you'd like. I couldn't decide which to submit, so yeah. If you prefer one over the other...and most say they like the plain one more, I will switch them out lol.

I hope you like it! :) Happy mother's day to all the moms out there. <3

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