Hanaro Souhi (eCard Portfolio) ~ So Close. [...] So Far. -

~ So Close. [...] So Far. -

Yup!~ This is my new card!~ XD Yes,all these challenges are very wonderful,isimpossible don't to participate them!LOL!~
Well,anyway,I hope you like it!~

The image looks like a bit with my secret feelings,because,a looong time ago,I really liked of a guy.[A school colleague,we were in separate classes]
He isn't handsome,actually,thinking a little,he was very weird!~ XD Haha!~
But I liked him and I watched him from afar...I always dreamed to one day meet him...= w =
A purely platonic love. ^-^ And I really knew it.
I NEVER talked with him...I don't know why it...Perhaps because would destroy with the perfection of my dream about his perfect personality and my platonic love.[And because I'm absurdly shy/coward]
The school years over...Was time to separate...And I stopped seeing him.

One thing I have saved a long time in my heart,but probably now,I don't longer feel anything for him.
I don't feel sad for this memories,maybe a little feeling of affection,nothing more.[Don't worry,I'm fine!^-^]

Summarizing,although we were so close,I could never reach him...

Dedication for my friend and creator of challenge,Diamond-san!XD


*~Artist:CLAMP [Image from Minitokyo]

*~Textures: {DeviantArt}
-Foxxie-Chan,Vanessax17,regularjane and iNeedChemicalX

*~Brushes: {DeviantArt}

Sorry for sad [platonic] love story...
Thank you very much for comments,Faves and Hugs!~

Take care!~

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