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If Only I Could

So I was just playing around with vectoring this image since TIGER & BUNNY is my newest and most current anime obsession. Mmm Kotetsu... Anyway, I was thinking about Kotetsu/Wild Tiger's character type, always trying to be the hero that saves everyone, and thought it would be nice to cut out Barnaby and add an image of the earth instead. He looks so heroic~

This took around 2-3 hours to complete. Such a time lag because I've been going back and forth from the computer and taking care of my baby beagle (she got sick eating a sleeve of Oreos). I hope my baby beagle gets well soon~ She's my sunshine. If only Kotetsu could save her. :(

Dedicating this to Dark Flame, since she's been making me butt tons of icons recently (and I love them all very much!). I'm not sure if you like T&B, but have some anyway!

EDIT: My beagle is doing much better now! Her hives have gone down and she's back to eating like a pig. On another note, I would like to point out that my mother thinks Kotetsu's beard is secretly Batman. LOL Right...

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