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Music dream

Hm... K-ON!!! xD It took me a while to figure how to write this while looking for pictures on net, cause it always showed me those of Kon from Bleach. XP
But yeah, there are many cute images and it seems like a cute anime so of course that I would make a card out of it.^^
What I did.. meh, usual. Made the background there from three different gradients and a texture which looks similar to bokeh one, but has a weird name which I don't know. x3 Then I placed typography there with three different fonts and colors, added a little touch to it and that's that. :)

Since I dedicated something for your sister, I also did one for you, since you both have huge dreams which I hope that one day will come true.^^
Thank you for being a great friend and never loose hope~!

~Thank you also everyone for supporting me by commenting, faving and hugging my work! ^_^

Image (actually render) that I used is made by Hikari and it is... there!

K-ON! eCards
anime, dream, guitar, K-ON, lion, music, otaku, winter
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