Hanaro Souhi (eCard Portfolio) ~Hello!~ A letter from Heaven.

~Hello!~ A letter from Heaven.

Hi!~ How are you?Fine,right?Oh!That's wonderful!XD [LOL!]

Well,I know I'm a long time off,but believe me,I'm watching everyone..!~
I just don't have time to give many comments,but I'll always be with you!^ w ^
Sorry and I hope everything is going well for you all!

This is my card and icon for the challenge: "An Image Within An Image" by ItachiSasuke-san!XD
And here is my Full Moon icon:[Yey!Click!]

I chose this pretty image because of the music "Hello" by Maaya Sakamoto!~ [lyric.]
Some time ago, I was reading "Shinshi Doumei Cross" and one of the author recommendations[Arina Tanemura-sensei] was this song,that reminds very well the essence of "Full Moon wo Sagashite".[Arina-sensei is the author of Full Moon too!]
And I really agree with that!^ w ^
I think lyric is so wonderful!It makes me remember and think of many things,memories and some people!~ ^-^
That's so SWEET!~ Always makes me happy!I really love this song!

Well,for card I used a notebook and glow textures!XD
Wanted to make the picture clear as possible,but at the same time with an aged tone...~[confused?] Effects and some colorful layers!XD
This card is different for me and is very dear too!^_^ I loved it!XD Haha!~

Gift and dedication for my friend,super lovely and beautiful,Kelsey-chan!~ *hugs*
I feel that I don't have dedicated a card to you for a long time!~
So,here is a card for all your amazing comments in my last works and for be so sweet!^_^
Thank you!~~~ X3 *hugs*

{C r e d i t s.}:

**~Artist:Arina Tanemura [Image from Minitokyo]

**~Textures: {DeviantArt}
-Hattu-Aki and obscene-bunny

Thanks also for all the comments,Faves and Hugs!~
Take care!^ w ^

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An Image Within An Image

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