Hanaro Souhi (eCard Portfolio) * Brighter Day. *

* Brighter Day. *

This is my card for the challenge:"weather you like it." by Kelsey-chan![Yes,I remembered your challenge!~ XD]

"For me,the flowers of a brighter day are best!"
Sorry,the quote may not make sense,but it was like a felt that I had in a memory some time ago,on July.

Well,my friends and me were,on our vacation,in the park!^_^ Was very fun!~
This day was sunny and hot!^_^ Perfect to walk!~~
The best part was when we rented bicycles!Yey!So cool!~
And while everyone was running like crazy through the park,I was riding the bike very slowly...Ok,I've always been slow...=_='
But,so I lifted my head and looked at the trees and all the green and the colors of the flowers...!Wow!That's so wonderful!*_*
I wonder,if all people can see the glow and beauty of those flowers...~ Because they were really pretty!~

I was so thoughtful[with this face: = ¬ =] that not realized that my friend fell to the ground and screamed for help...!~ [LOL!~]
OMG!I felt very guilty for not having heard his fell and help him!~ TT^TT[but I'm glad he's okay!] I apologized to him...TT_TT

Now that it's all so exhausting everyday and I'm busy most of the time...
I'm imagining myself back,riding the bike in that park with all those flowers around!~ = w =

The card was really very fun to make!XD
Long time that I don't use an Adumi Tohru image!LOL!~ I love the art and the soft colors here!~
The own characteristics of the image helped me add the 3 textures!^ w ^
Well,I sharpened and lighten the scan and put some colorful layers[like on her hair,her hat,sunflowers and on the sky!~]
And for the typography,a small yellow box with green border and with 3 green circles[Hmm...Can you see them?O.O LOL!~]
I can't explain what I did or what it is,just wanted to do a design different[or not]...Anyway it's a yellow box for the text![LOL!]

Dedication for my dear friend Fykki-kun!~ *hugs*
Because lately he helped me and supported me with sweet words!^_^
Fykki-kun is always wonderful!XD
And sorry if I bothered you...But I want that you know that I had many cheerful days,while I was talking with you!^_^ Like a bright day!XD
Thanks for your friendship!^ w ^
I don't know if you'll like this card,but I hope you like it!~ ^ w ^


**-Artist:Adumi Tohru [Image from:Minitokyo]

**-Textures: {DeviantArt}
-regularjane,schokotorte and night-fate-stock

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments,Faves and Hugs!~
If you've view the card or read my long description that I wrote,I thank you too!~

Take care!

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